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Photos of ready houses and shells

Shells from a round log

Log shells made of lafet (oval-flatten)

Homes and saunas from a larch

Masters at work

"Before and after"



Pavilions, benches, wells, etc.


Photos of chopped wooden houses and baths, photos of log cabins under construction, etc.

We invite you to get acquainted with our photo gallery. Photos are combined in photosets, telling either about a particular house.

Please pay attention to our special project - a detailed history of the construction of houses and baths: from the project and the foundation to the roofs and utilities, as well as from our presentation - a disk with 2000 photos of the best interiors of wooden houses, on our website.

Ours donative:

Disk with the best world interiors of wooden houses - as a gift

Disk with the best world interiors of wooden houses (more than 2000 photos) - In the GIFT to our customers!!!


If you are yet not familiar with our section "Secrets of modern technologies of log house building" we urgently recommend to visit this section to learn a lot of interesting.

The exclusive information:

Building step by step:
The house of 122 sq.m.

The house project is resulted here...

Wish to see process of installation of the house in details? A full cycle of building from manufacturing of the base and shell, installation of shell, roof buildings, to the organization of engineering systems and a cellar. Publications in a press. Glance on this page (in Russian).

In details...

The note to a photo gallery. At click on a photo the new section will open in the NEW window, it is more convenient way if it is blocked by your browser - press the reference "More in details...", in this case the new section will be opened in the CURRENT window.

Photosessions of wooden houses and log shells:   Thematic photosessions:
Photos of ready houses and shells   Shells made of a round log  

Built handcrafted log houses and baths

Shells made of a round log
Photos of the built wooden houses and saunas. Ready shells. More information...   Let's study shells from a round log more attentively (the Canadian notch) More information...   Wish to have a wooden carved bear at an entrance of Your house? Then volume wooden decorations are for you.
More information ...
Log shells made of lafet (oval-flatten)   Homes and saunas made of a larch
Shells made of a semioval log (oval-flatten)   Handcrafted log houses made of larch  
If the oval-flatten (a semioval log) is closer to you.
More information ...
  Home, baths and pavilions from this noble material.
More information ...
  The wooden scenery decorating an interior of home: carved columns and a panel, platbands and wind boards.
More information ...
Masters at work   "Before and after"   Pavilions, benches, wells, etc.
Carpenters at work     Pavilions, benches and small forms
Masterly possession of the tool and wide experience of work of carpenters of our company. . More information ...   Important preparatory and final stages of manufacturing of a log shell are considered. More information ...   Various small forms: from hunting lodges and pavilions to a barbecue and protections of wells. More information ...

Sections in Russian.
They include great volume of photos and it will be interesting to You, probably, even without translate.

Moss as an inter-log heater  
Log shell elements
  Furnaces and fireplaces for house and sauna
Examples of shells with the natural dried up moss as a heater. More information ...  
Let's consider a structure of a log shell.
More information ...
  Heat of the fireplace in the wooden house or a bath. The brick fireplaces, metal fireplaces, furnaces on the basis of fireplaces-cartridges. More information ...
The first logs  
Step by step
  Logs and notches close up
One of the major stages of building - here the geometry of shell is pawned. . More information ...  
Log behind a log. How it occurs?
Learn more information ...
  Canadian and Norwegian notch technologies. The dowel and notch. More information ...
    A shell from scraped logs    
    To attention of fans and judges of wood in its primordial form. More information ...    





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