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Photos of ready houses and shells

Shells from a round log

Log shells made of lafet (oval-flatten)

Homes and saunas from a larch

Masters at work

"Before and after"



Pavilions, benches, wells, etc.


Before and after (preparatory and final operations at building of a shell of the wooden house)...

Process of building of bowls is certainly very fascinating and we will tell about it later, but now it would be desirable to stop on preparatory and final stages of manufacturing of a shell on a building site of our company.

This process is very important and more than others influences on the future view of Your house. The initial material, its careful selection and initial processing is important.

In first two drawings process of an unloading of logs on a company site is shown.

Unloading of logs
Winter wood of high quality

What distinguishes handcrafted log homes from others? The name speaks for itself - "handcrafted " means that all processes, at least, go under the careful control of the person, and as a maximum, are carried out by him personally.

In following photos process of removal of a bark and initial planing of a log is shown. Thus, unlike calibrated (cylinder) logs - the firmest layer of wood is safe - its external part.

Disbarking of logs - bark removal
Planing of a log by a plane

The prepared logs are put before cutters (a photo lower at the left) and masters choose the most suitable logs, taking into account already combined bottom logs.

On the right drawing the machine tool for a longitudinal cutting of logs is shown. By means of such saw we have a semioval log (an oval-flatten - for the Norwegian technology) and a bar which is a basis of interfloor overlapping in wooden houses

If you are the admirer of the up-to-dateness in wooden architecture, the columns from scraped logs can interest You (imagine such an "athlete" in your drawing room - the left bottom drawing), or columns on a verandah (drawing on the right), or scraped ceiling beams. On a photo columns have not passed a finishing processing yet when all the bast will be removed, knots are processed etc.


Column made of sparked logs

It is known, that winter wood has the certain advantages connected with lowered humidity of logs. Therefore the company "Log Russia" does stocks of winter wood (bark is taken away, for an oval-flatten - the log is in addition sawn round from sides and becomes covered by an antiseptic).

By the way, if you have reflected on the new house or a bath in the winter, but yet there are no means or the project, you can order and pay for wood which will be prepared and kept the described way. And then You can start building of the house or bath construction in the summer when the project will be ready or the finance will be saved up. In this case you receive essential economy.

Preparation and storage of winter wood
Preparation and storage of winter wood

Well and at last stage which will be considered, your ready shell is disassembled accurately, stored in packages and prepared for sending on your country residence (photos lower).

If necessary, the additional covering by an antiseptic of all shell or its separate elements can be spent. We will remind, that the covering of the latent parts already enters into working costs about what is more detailed described on page of "Antiseptics".


Shell in packages, readiness for loading and sending to the customer


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