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Photos of ready houses and shells

Shells from a round log

Log shells made of lafet (oval-flatten)

Homes and saunas from a larch

Masters at work

"Before and after"



Pavilions, benches, wells, etc.


Our masters of handcrafted log home building at work

The greatest wealth of any company is its experts. Management of "Log House Rus" pays big attention to selection and perfection of its masters. High quality of our log shells demands high level of preparation of carpenters and also good working tools.

View of a building site of the company Log Russia

On this page we have tried to show our masters at work. You, as Customer of home and bathhouse, should see, how modern technologies and equipment are combined with traditional approaches and tools.

This is quality, productivity, possibility to carry out difficult notch elements, for example cuts for buckles or dowels in Canadian and Norwegian notches.

Thus a saw (certainly, petrol, not two-handled) is owned by our masters professionally. You can arrive on our building site. And now look at following photos.

The carpenter works with a petrol-powered saw


It is still impossible to work without application of primordial carpenter tools. Thus the main manual tools are "line" and axe. What is "line" and how it is used for marking of logs is shown on following photos. Axe is also shown lower. It is also actively used at creation of grooves and other elements of notches in logs.




As diameter of logs applied at building of log home shells about 40 cm and more, and the height of it exceeds 7-8 meters, it is impossible to manage without application of elevating technics. Our ancestors cut pediments and second floors of houses on the earth, separately from the ground floors. Our masters should not so complicate a problem - they actively use elevating cranes at building and installation of log shells (see photo).



Confident possession of saw is an indispensable condition of employment in our company.


In following three photos stage-by-stage process of cutting out of a groove under a thorn in the Canadian notch is shown.

By the way, pay attention to sharing of a round log for external walls and an oval-flatten for internal. About it more detailed information is here...



Work with a tree begins with bark removal and planing (if the technology of scraping logs is not used).



The important role is taken away to quality control of works and safety precautions maintenance.



Essential difference of work technologies applied , in comparison with the majority of other companies is that processing of the latent surfaces of a log shell by an antiseptic during building (photo lower) is obligatory and is already included into working costs. In more details about importance of this process you can read here...

Processing of logs by antiseptic


In following photos you can look at process of making of some operations.




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