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Wooden houses and baths made of a round log пїЅ the Canadian building technology

Interiors of wooden houses and cottages

Interior of wooden baths made of an oval-flatten. The Norwegian building technology

Masters of the building company Log Russia - carpenters

Building with the Canadian bowl пїЅ an oval-flatten and a round log

Log homes and baths. Handcrafted log houses and baths from Russia. Projects of log cottages and bathhouses, building and installation prices. Technologies of building, interiors of wooden houses and many other things...

If you wish to build a handcrafted log house or a bathhouse of high quality, but paying reasonable money for it, you should pay attention to production of our company.

The building company "Log Russia" (Russia, Saint-Petersburg) offers to you handcrafted wooden houses with delivery and assemblage on your country residence. A log shell can be made on your project or our architects will develop the project for you according to your wishes.

Our skilled carpenters have long-term experience of building of log homes for customers from countries of Scandinavia (first of all Norway ), Germany and other countries of Western Europe. They in perfection have learned manufacturing techniques existing in Europe:
- log shells made of a round log using the Canadian bowl (with a dowel and notch);
- log shells made of a semioval log (oval-flatten) using the Norwegian bowl.

Except base approaches our masters know and actively apply the most perfect technologies of log home building : the Canadian and German technology of "curtaining of external corners" of house, use of couplers for face connection of the logs, already noted notches and a dowel in a round cup, use of a special groove "undercut", unloading saw cut and also many other modern technologies of building.

Having addressed to us, you can be assured, that your future house will be made by the best experts putting a part of their souls in the work. At the expense of technologies used by us your house or a bath will please you for long years, remaining same beautiful and warm, as well as in the first months after building.

Certainly, you can ask yourselves a question, why should I get involved with the company from far Russia?

At first we will answer shortly: you receive a house of the European quality, but for much smaller money.

Video about building log homes

Novelty! Now and on video

Why? We will explain:
- Saint-Petersburg is the European city with population more than 5 million persons, we can easily pick up to ourselves the highly skilled personnel at moderate expenses for a payment - this provides high quality of ours houses;
- Wood cost in Russia is essentially lower, than in Europe. Considering that St.-Petersburg is located in the northwest of Russia and is close to the Scandinavian countries, cost of delivery of northern wood in the company and of ready houses to the European consumers will be also low;
- Application of the best European technologies.

Why should you pay more for a similar work? Many of your compatriots with pleasure live in the houses constructed by masters from Russia.

In more details about our company and houses made by us you can read on page "About the company".

To definitively dispel your doubts we have placed very detailed information on a site:
- About technologies applied by us. Necessarily read this section -it is the unique and exclusive material prepared by our experts. You will hardly see it on sites of our colleagues;
- With the comprehensive photo gallery of our log shells and ready houses, photos reflecting process of building of wooden homes and baths;
- Projects of houses and the baths, interesting articles, an order of pricing of cost of our shells and other useful materials.

Call, come – we are waiting for you!

We invite dealers in various regions of Europe to cooperation.

The main sections of a site:

Technologies of handcrafted log house building   Modern housebuilding technologies. If you do not know differences between the Canadian, Norwegian and Russian building technologies. If words "notch", "dowel", "curtaining of corners", "oval-flatten" etc. do not mean anything for You, we insistently advise to familiarize with this section. You should understand, for what quality of the house you pay.
The prices on wooden houses and bathhouses. Delivery and installation costs of log shells   Our prices. Cost of a log shell and its installation. The basic competitive advantage of our company - the best parity quality/cost. It is fair for Russia and it is twice fair for the West European countries. Familiarize with pricing principles on our log houses. Learn how it is possible to save.
Photo gallery of wooden houses and building process Photo gallery. In this section you can find photos of ready houses and baths, and photos of houses being under construction. Photo sessions devoted to facades and interiors of log homes and baths , and also thematic selections of photos are offered you. More than 1000 photos.
Projects of wooden houses and baths   Projects of houses and baths. Get acquainted with projects developed by our design bureau, and also the best works of other architects. Many projects of cottages and baths.
Articles and interesting materials about building of country houses   Articles about designing and building of log houses and baths. It is desirable to study on other's errors, therefore in offered articles of our authors and the selected materials of specialized editions, we have tried to inform to you all best of experience of wooden housing construction. More than 100 articles (in Russian).


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Woodcarving:  figures of animals and three-dimensional wooden decorations
Wish to decorate Your house with a carved wooden figure? Then look at work of our carvers.

Woodcarving: carved columns, a panel, two-dimensional wooden scenery
It is possible to decorate the house with carved columns, carved panels, platbands, etc.

Small forms: wooden pavilions, timbered hunting lodges, benches, wells
The cosiness in a country house is created by means of small forms, also carved manually. These are beautiful pavilions, benches and tables, awnings for a barbecue, etc.

Detailed photosession about the house and a bath

Detailed photosession about the house and a bath (Rus). Appearance and design of interiors. Greater photos.

The best wooden houses interiors - world experience (more than 2000 photos) as a gift
The best wooden houses interiors - world experience (more than 2000 photos) as a gift




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