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Prices of log house, cost of construction of wooden house or bath

The price of a wooden house or bath is difficult to determine in advance without previewing and designing. It is all the more difficult to determine the cost of a chopped house or a turnkey cottage. Much depends on the complexity of the project, the number of cuts and generally internal chopped walls in the house, the height of the ceilings, etc. Speaking of what you can save on here.

You will be able to obtain more detailed information on your project or projects presented on our website from our specialists by phone, feedback form or e-mail info@spbrb.ru. A complete list of all our services is provided here.

The cost of building a wooden house or bath is of course substantial. But, you will be surprised if you find out that the cost of a cut is only 20-25% of the cost of a turnkey house! This means that the quality of the cut should not be saved! You can replace furniture, plumbing, even floors, but here you can hardly replace a cut, foundation or roof. That is why the manufacture of these, the most important elements for the house, should be entrusted only to professionals and not save on their quality and technology!

  • For your convenience we give below the cost of key stages of building a house or bath from a log.
  • Of course you can order some works in other companies, but experience shows that the Client is easier and more reliable to assign a key block of construction works to one contractor, so that there is a clear and uniform responsibility for the final result.

    To estimate the time of construction you can use a simple rule: for every 100 sq.m. it takes about a month and a half. The cost of making a cut depends on the area of the house, the number of cuts per unit area, the height of the ceilings, the presence of cuts at angles other than 90 degrees, the number of curtains for windows and doors, the version of cups in cuts, etc.

    Recall again: in order to determine the cost of the cut of the house according to your project it is best to send its sketches to our e-mail address (see below) and our specialists within 1... 5 days will definitely inform you the estimated cost of making the cut. The cost of a cut house or bath of course includes the cost of forest.
    - 50 % advance payment (cost of wood and advance payment of expenses for building are included);
    - 25 % on readiness of the 1 floor of a log shell;
    - 25 % on full readiness of shell on our building site.

    Let's notice, that cost and "on a turn-key basis" building terms should be discussed separately.

    Price on production of bathhouse made of round logs

    Price on building of wooden houses from  two-edged cant

    Price on delivery and assembling of log homes

    On all questions you can receive more detailed information, having written the letter on info@spbrb.ru, having filled the form of inquiry or having called us by phones: +7 812 305-34-89, +7 812 698-73-76

    Important: Cost of production of shell doesn't depend directly on a total area of house.
    For example, log shell (100 square m.) costs 25 000 euro. This doesn't mean that shell (50 square m.) will cost 12 500 euro and a bathhouse (20 square m.) - 5 000 euro.

    The reason is that except inside area other important aspects are: project complication, number of cuttings on 1 m2, wall height of the first floor, wood remains etc.

    Exact price of a log shell production You can get after connecting with our experts, preliminary having considered your project.

    Do you wish to find out what you pay for? Welcome to
    "Secrets of technologies of handcrafted log homes and bathhouses"












    To the builder on a note - "HOW to ECONOMIZE on building":

    If you see, that the building budget exceeds your financial possibilities, specify your project together with the architect.

    Decisions can be different:
    - To reduce the house area, having refused from unnecessary corridors;
    - To reduce height of floors. This, by the way, will essentially reduce cost of heating and the house maintenance
    - To refuse from log terraces, having replaced it on light terrace and having completed it later;
    - To order at first winter wood, and to start building later, for example, in the summer when you will have more money;
    - To reduce quantity of decorative cuttings;
    - To make internal walls of an oval-flatten (the area of apartments increases and money for registration of apertures under doors is saved).

    You can receive more detailed information connecting with our experts.


    Delivery set consists of:
    - log walls and partitions
    - Pole roof system (log pediments, poles, ridge beam)
    - Floor (overhead cover)
    - Putting of antiseptic on hidden surfaces






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