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Secrets of building of wooden houses:

German and Canadian technologies of "Curtaining of external corners"

Use of metal couplers for connection of logs in notches

Notches in the house corners (Canadian notch)

Use of a special dowel (thorn) in the Canadian notch

"Undercut": application of a special gap on an axis of logs

Drawing antiseptics on all latent surfaces of a log shell

Use of technological cuts for management of formation of cracks in a log

Making of apertures under joiner's products

Features of technology of building of houses from an oval-flatten (a semioval log)

Joint application of a round log and an oval-flatten



Secrets of building wooden houses and baths from masters of the company "Log House Rus"

The construction of wooden logs is a difficult process, and it is sometimes difficult for a person, who is far from the construction industry field, to understand why houses built by different companies on the same project, firstly, have different costs, and, secondly, after several years, have completely different looks.

Then we begin to ask ourselves questions, the answers to which we were able to get even before the construction began:

- Why in some houses it is always necessary to calk seams?
- Why do some logs have cracks in them in 2-3 years?
- Why in one house you can put a bed in the corner or near the window and you can sleep calmly, not being afraid of draughts, but in another, is the bed better placed near the inner wall?
- Why do the walls of the cylindrical log have deep side cracks in which moisture constantly accumulates?
- Why does mold and fungi begin to develop in the cavities?

There are many other different questions "why", which are belatedly asked by owners of wooden cottages and baths. We will not list all these issues, but we will try to reveal the subtleties of building wooden houses, so that you can understand what you pay for by ordering your house in a construction company. You can save on what you can save on, and on what it is impossible to save on. We will introduce you to everything we know and use in our work, our "know-how" and with the technologies used and in other companies.

Secrets of handcrafted log home building and European technologies

Masters of company "Log Russia" have a long-term operational experience on designing and building of wooden houses and baths. This experience mentions not only Russia, but also foreign countries, first of all Norway, Germany, Spain, a number of other North European countries.

Working with exacting European customers, we have managed to master the modern technologies of building and now we propagandize them in Russia.

In the given section (it includes 10 articles) we will consider all processing methods which we use in the work.

Among them it is necessary to allocate first four because the given technologies practically are not used by other Russian companies in full. Considering our democratic financial policy, you can be assured that you can receive the house or a bath of better execution for the same money, than in other companies.


Technologies of building of wooden log houses by the company Log Russia

We have tried to describe essence of all techniques applied by us in detail (exclusive and well-known). We hope, that the presented material will be interesting and useful to you, will help to generate more intelligent opinion on view of your future house. Besides, now you will know, on what moments it is necessary to pay attention at the contract conclusion to building of your future dwelling.


The technologies distinguishing production of the company "Log Russia"

"Curtaining of external corners" - the German-Canadian technology of formation of special gaps between logs on external corners of house. Provides reduction of cracks within the precincts of the house after its shrinkage. More in detail...

Face connection of logs in notches by means of metal buckles. The German technology which is alternative to connection in "a dove tail" and to use of cramps. Provides rigidity of a design of a house, prevents occurrences of cracks in notches and between logs. More in detail...
    Creation of notches in the Canadian technology. The classical Canadian technology provides self-jamming of cracks in notches, appearing at shrinkage of a log shell. More in detail...


Use of dowels in the Canadian technology. The dowel is an improvement of classical technology of the Canadian notch, it provides the big rigidity of design of house, and the main thing, reduces "venting" of a corner and does the house warmer. More in detail...


The technologies applied also by other building companies

  Application of a special gap on an axis of logs in the invisible places, carrying the name "undercut". The undercut provides reduction of cracks formed after shrinkage of house, compensating log deformation at formation of vertical cracks. More in detail...
    Drawing of antiseptics on all latent surfaces in the course of building. Prevents occurrence of fungi, mould in the places inaccessible to natural airing: cups, grooves etc. More detailed...
    Use of technological cuts for removal of loading and management of formation of cracks in a log. Prevents formation of cracks on visible parts of a log. More in detail...
    Registration of window and door apertures for installation of joiner's products (boxes, platbands, etc.). Gives beautiful appearance to a whole house, does it warmer, provides convenient installation of modern double-glazed windows. More in detail...
    Features of technology of building of houses from an oval-flatten (a semioval log) at building with the Norwegian bowl. More in detail...
    Joint application of a round log and an oval-flatten at building of wooden houses and baths. Optimum use of advantages of both approaches to building of houses. More in detail...

If you have questions we will be glad to hear you by phones:

+7 812 305-34-89
 +7 921 350-85-24

And also to see you on our building site (see the photo lower), or to answer your letter sent to info@spbrb.ru or transferred through the form of inquiry.

View on the northern part of a building site of the company  Log Russia

Fig. Panorama of northern part of a building site of the company in settlement "Janino" (Russia, St.-Petersburg).


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