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Photos of ready houses and shells

Shells from a round log

Log shells made of lafet (oval-flatten)

Homes and saunas from a larch

Masters at work

"Before and after"



Pavilions, benches, wells, etc.


Photo gallery of wooden house shells made of an oval-flatten. Norwegian notch technology.

We have already mentioned a variety of predilections of our clients on the previous page. Here we will talk about shells made of a semioval log (oval-flatten). If this word does not mean anything to you, and you heard nothing about the Norwegian notch and all accompanying elements, we insistently advise You to read article about an oval-flatten in our section "Technologies".

A view of a corner of a house made of an oval-flatten
Semioval log in the Norwegian notch

It is difficult not to like an oval-flatten. Easy openwork designs, grace of construction, economy of size of premises (a thickness of an oval-flatten log is 20 cm, and a round log is 28.50 cm). All this should attract. Strong and warm locks in a notch - Vikings were good judges of heat and cosiness.

By the way, a shell on a photo lower at the left and the subsequent 2 photos have been ordered for Sochi. This bathhouse with a terrace is already delivered and mounted in the capital of the future Olympic Games. As this object looks among palm trees and chestnuts, you can see here. One more house for Sochi is shown lower. So not only Europeans, but also inhabitants of the Black Sea coast have estimated an oval-flatten.


Shell of the wooden handcrafted house made of an oval-flatten


The main thing that usually stops potential builders it that the external firm layer of wood is taken away and lateral cracks (fig. lower) are necessarily formed in future. But all this is not so terrible. If in the past Vikings covered houses with a layer of a dark paint, now there are qualitative antiseptics which will protect your house from atmospheric and biological factors, and cracks in a log will not affect heat conductivity of walls (they are never through, how to achieve this read here and here). Actually the present gourmets of the Scandinavian wooden housing constructions appreciate an oval-flatten for such cracks in walls.



On following two photos You can see a garage shell on 3 cars and an economic premise.



On the left photo You can see a bathhouse where the natural moss is used as a heater between logs.

On a photo on the right is a shell, made by us for Sochi. As the ready house from this shell, mounted in Krasnodar territory, looks You can see here.


Shell of a timbered bathhouse made of an oval-flatten
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The following photos describe building process of a log shell from an oval-flatten having unusual architecture.


On following photos it is shown a ready shell that passed acceptance by the exacting commission.



And this small bathhouse is ordered as a present to the European partner by his Russian colleague.

We have tried to transfer in a bath design all warmth of Russian soul, certainly taking into account the Norwegian traditions of erection from an oval-flatten.



The further photos of this section will help you to plunge into the world of shells, made on the Norwegian technology.




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