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Photos of ready houses and shells

Shells from a round log

Log shells made of lafet (oval-flatten)

Homes and saunas from a larch

Masters at work

"Before and after"



Pavilions, benches, wells, etc.


Wooden houses, bathhouses and pavilions made of larch

What comes first to your mind while seeing walls made of larch? Certain;y, it is not the cheapest option, but a fair price to pay for the quality this type of wood provides.

If you dream of a cottage, a bathhouse or a pavilion made of this noble material you have chosen the right company. Our masters have wide experience of work with larch and can build for you a beautiful house, worthy of You.

On this page You can find photos of a big cottage and a pavilion, made of larch. By the way, at the house assemblage the natural dried up moss is used as an inter-log compressor.

Shell of the wooden house made of larch

Above you saw, how this house was created on our building site, and lower you can see photos of it on the Customers territory.

Let's remind that its second distinctive feature is use of natural antiseptics - a moss as an inter-log heater. On the right bottom photo between the top logs you can see moss which had not been condensed yet.

Other houses and baths using this kind of a multi-log heater, are resulted on the thematic page "Moss as a heater" (in Russian).


Handcrafted log house made of larch

On following photos the pavilion which has been made from larch is represented.

At first, photos on our building site.

Pavilion made of larch


And it is already a photo on the Customer's territory.




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