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Secrets of building of wooden houses:

German and Canadian technologies of "Curtaining of external corners"

Use of metal couplers for connection of logs in notches

Notches in the house corners (Canadian notch)

Use of a special dowel (thorn) in the Canadian notch

"Undercut": application of a special gap on an axis of logs

Drawing antiseptics on all latent surfaces of a log shell

Use of technological cuts for management of formation of cracks in a log

Making of apertures under joiner's products

Features of technology of building of houses from an oval-flatten (a semioval log)

Joint application of a round log and an oval-flatten



Joint use of round log and loft - gain in space and interesting design

If you do not identify yourself as an ardent fan of a round log or, on the contrary, a loft, and you would like in your house to use the advantages of both approaches in cutting houses, and the disadvantages of approaches, if possible to exclude, this section is for you.

Joint use of a round log and oval-flatten in the wooden house


We will consider as yet not very common among construction companies, due to the comparative complexity of manufacturing, the technology of sharing round log and lafet. We spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of round log and loft - round log and an oval-flatten in the corresponding sections - we will not repeat.


The optimal combination will be the formation of external walls from a round log, and internal partitions - from a stall. In this case you will eliminate the disadvantages of the lafet (since there is no contact of wood with external atmospheric phenomena), but its advantages are used with maximum possibility.

What the combination of circling and loft looks like is shown in the photos below. Let's try to comment on them. Figures 1 and 2 show overruns on the outer and inner sides of the cut, respectively. Let you not be embarrassed by the small sweats in the corner of the cut in Figure 2, this is the result of the use of antiseptic in the treatment of hidden surfaces during the cutting process. A very important point, if you have not yet read about it - we advise to read in the section "Antiseptics".

Combination of oval-flatten and round log
Drawing 1
Drawing 2

Figure 3 shows the appearance of the cut to be manufactured, and notice the three cut pieces facing the elevation. The central overrun is a connection to the loom, and the side is a connection to the circular outer walls.

The following three figures show views of the site from different angles, in which we tried to reflect combinations of round and semi-oval walls. In the near future we will publish photos of the appearance and interior interiors of our houses, successfully combining the two technologies described.

Appearance of a front of the house at a round log and oval-flatten combination

Drawing 3
Drawing 4
Drawing 5
Drawing 6

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