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Secrets of building of wooden houses:

German and Canadian technologies of "Curtaining of external corners"

Use of metal couplers for connection of logs in notches

Notches in the house corners (Canadian notch)

Use of a special dowel (thorn) in the Canadian notch

"Undercut": application of a special gap on an axis of logs

Drawing antiseptics on all latent surfaces of a log shell

Use of technological cuts for management of formation of cracks in a log

Making of apertures under joiner's products

Features of technology of building of houses from an oval-flatten (a semioval log)

Joint application of a round log and an oval-flatten



Application of antiseptic on all hidden surfaces of the cut during cutting

wood is a wonderful material for your home, which will serve you with faith and truth for more than a dozen years. But the tree also needs protection, and from the very first day of building a cut for your house or bath.

The main problem is various kinds of fungi, molds and bugs.

When the house is built, you will certainly cover it with antiseptic, perhaps with the use of toners, perhaps leave natural color - it is a matter of taste and your choice. But we are now talking about what needs to be done necessarily, and immediately, since the construction of the very first crown.

Initially, the log has increased humidity and then slowly gives moisture to the atmosphere. It happens both in the course of the cabin and in the course of installation of a felling on your site and in the course of semi-annual-annual shrinkage.

The wind blows the logs of the cut, and natural ventilation smoothly reduces the humidity of the logs - this is the optimal process.

But unfortunately, there are unpleasant exceptions to this process. They are due to the fact that all hidden surfaces (longitudinal slots of logs, unloading props, cavities of cups, spikes and slots under them) are deprived of the possibility of natural ventilation. They create ideal conditions for the growth and development of all the negative factors discussed above.

To resist these processes, it is necessary to apply antiseptic to all hidden surfaces. And it is necessary to apply not later when the cut will be dismantled for transportation to the customer, and directly in the process of cutting - a crown behind the crown. It is difficult, tedious, but it is a necessary condition for maintaining the original state of wood. Unfortunately, not all companies pay the necessary attention to this issue.

Qualitative Finnish antiseptics - protection of your log shell

We understand the importance of this procedure, so the application of antiseptic on hidden surfaces is a mandatory procedure and is included in the cost of the cut.

Of course, we do not save on quality and use only modern imported drugs, for example, shown in Figure 1.

Figures 2 and 3 show the process of applying antiseptic to the newly cut bowl and longitudinal slot. In Figure 2, the master colors the lower part of the bowl and the groove under the 3, and in Figure 2 the upper part of the bowl and the chip itself (of course the log is turned over for convenience of application of the composition).

Drawing 1
Drawing of antiseptics on the bottom part of a notch during building of a shell

Drawing of antiseptics on the top part of notch

Drawing 2
Drawing 3

When concluding a contract for the construction of a house or bath, be sure to require the contractor to include this paragraph in the text of the contract.

By contacting Rus Log you will not have to do so, as this item is included in the mandatory measures:)

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