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Secrets of building of wooden houses:

German and Canadian technologies of "Curtaining of external corners"

Use of metal couplers for connection of logs in notches

Notches in the house corners (Canadian notch)

Use of a special dowel (thorn) in the Canadian notch

"Undercut": application of a special gap on an axis of logs

Drawing antiseptics on all latent surfaces of a log shell

Use of technological cuts for management of formation of cracks in a log

Making of apertures under joiner's products

Features of technology of building of houses from an oval-flatten (a semioval log)

Joint application of a round log and an oval-flatten



Windows, doors, compressing boxes and platbands provide a modern approach for your wooden house

The question of influence of window and door apertures on rigidity of a log shell and the optimum expense of wood during building are also very important.

Designers and cutters of the company &"quot;Log House Rus"" provides the highest standards in building and offer to Customers the optimal variants of making of apertures under joiner's products, i.e. under compressing boxes, platbands and other elements of windows and doors.

Notches for windows in a round log

Fig. 1

The approach consists in the following. On apertures created under windows and doors in the course of house building at once are created notches under joiner's products (fig. 1 see). As a rule, the thickness of a wall in the remained part is 20 cm. The vertical grooves are made in end faces of walls into which cranial bars 50*50 mm will be inserted (without fastening), they serve as directing for logs at shell shrinkage.

Advantage of this way is modern and tidy look of window blocks with platbands, convenient installation of wooden and metal-plastic double-glazed windows, absence of cracks and, as consequence, warmer windows and doors. A method lack is its laboriousness and increased requirements to preparation of cutters.

Certainly, you can order a shell even without considered making of apertures, but on parity price/efficiency we recommend You to use them.

Ancient technologies which are applied by some companies

Fig. 2

As the issued apertures for a round log will look is shown in drawings 1, 3 and 4. In drawing 3 two window apertures and a notch between them are shown.

One more interesting nuance shown in the picture 4. The left part of an aperture is familiar to us, and here on the right there is a bar section 150*200 mm. For what it is here? All is simple. If the door is placed near to window (as a balcony door in apartments), so for maintenance of rigidity of a design, between a window and a door we have such a bar.

For walls from an oval-flatten it is not required a notching of apertures under joiner's products. Nevertheless, a groove and cranial bar are applied here too.

In drawings 5 and 6 the prepared apertures, accordingly under a door and windows are shown.


Notches for windows in a round log
Column - a bar 15пїЅ20 cm between window and door apertures
Fig. 3
Fig. 4

By the way, in the house made of a round log you can make all or a part of internal walls of an oval-flatten. It looks stylish and interesting enough. Pluses of walls from an oval-flatten: economy of space of rooms (the thickness of a wall exactly 20 cm, instead of fluctuates from 24.. 28 to 40 cm), convenience of fastening of the wall furniture, a convenient and accurate lining of electroconducting and water supply. About it in more details you can read in section "Round Log + Oval-flatten". And here we will note the main thing, concerning the section subject. In spite of the fact that the oval-flatten is more labor-consuming, in this case you, as a rule, do not spend superfluous means as the raised expenses for an oval-flatten cutting out will be compensated by absence of necessity to make notch apertures under doors and if it is necessary also under windows.


Aperture under a door in an oval-flatten

Apertures under windows in an oval-flatten

Fig. 5
Fig. 6

It is difficult to estimate quality of furnish of apertures under windows at a fabrication stage. Therefore we represent to you as your windows and doors will look in the ready house (fig. 7..10). Estimate carefulness of furnish of each detail - in them the part of soul of our masters is enclosed.

Making of apertures - the established window, a view from a room

Making of apertures - the established window, a view from a room
Fig. 10

A view on a window and a door from a penthouse
Fig. 11

Fig. 7

Fig. 8
Aperture under a window and a door - a view outside

Fig. 9


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